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Oogbaard, founded in 2014 by Guido Boogaard, works with multiple companies to create games that trigger your imagination.

Our newest project is about bending the flow of time. Can you stay focused when time is being manipulated by yourself and the opponent as well?

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An online game where players use time manipulation to defeat each other. Rewinding time is combined with explosive action and terrain destruction. Players will choose spells and compose new strategies in this epic, magical, competitive adventure.

This game will open up a whole new world of strategy and tactics, ready to be explored by the competitive gaming scene.

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Easy to learn, hard to master. Fun and very replayable.

Made in collaboration with Pieter Hoekstra, this game lets you hunt and evade to become a real Huntigator.

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Ortus Arena

Together with Oogbaard, Firebrush studios and Fablesmith developed this strategy board game about upsetting the balance of power.

It is the digital representation of the board game ortus, by Fablesmith. It's fun! Go check it out.

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